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由於該訊息部分是節錄自先前東Touch周刊的訪問,我們察覺到周刊的訪問內容中,關於 “英美禁止繁殖” 一事被錯誤報導,所以於此作出更正。


在英國方面,由於保護動物的法例比美國嚴厲,雖然英國暫未有法例禁止繁殖摺耳貓,但英國最大的貓會 – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) 已經不接受摺耳貓的註冊,於他們的網頁中寫道:

“Scottish Fold: There is no intention to recognise this breed because the gene which produces the folded ears also causes skeletal abnormalities, producing stiffness of the limbs and tail which increases with age. This is especially true when two fold-eared cats are bred together but it has been shown that cats with only one gene for folded ears also suffer from abnormal stiffness. Under these circumstances it has never been recognised andwe strongly advise members of the public not to try to acquire cats of this breed.

很可惜,除了GCCF外,多個大型貓會中,只有 Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) 與GCCF有同一見地拒絕接受摺耳貓。於FIFe的Breeding and Registration Rules中清楚列明:

Genetic Diseases

FIFe will not recognize any breed of cats showing as a breed Characteristic:
achondroplasia: A dominant gene resulting in dwarfism, shortened limbs and legs and other physical defects (for example the Munchkin) 
osteochondrodysplasia: A dominant gene causing progressive joint, bone and cartilage deformity (for example the Scottish Fold) until thorough medical and scientific research proves the unoffending character of the mutation.
Until this research is done, it is not allowed to show these cats at any FIFe show."

雖然未有一個國家的法例列明禁止繁殖摺耳貓,但早於1987年歐洲已有15個國家簽署 (簽署國現已增加至21個) 由歐洲委員會 (Council of Europe)制定的國際公約 – European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals。公約第5條列出 “Any person who selects a pet animal for breeding shall be responsible for having regard to the anatomical, physiological and behavioural characteristics which are likely to put at risk the health and welfare of either the offspring or the female parent.”
委員會更於1995年3月就繁殖寵物頒發指引 (Resolution on the Breeding of Pet Animals), 有關摺耳貓繁殖的節錄如下:
“Guidelines for the revision of breeding policies:
avoid or, if it is not possible to eliminate severe defects, discontinued breeding of: -

animal carrying recessive defect-genes (eg. Homocygotic Scottish Fold Cat: short legs, vertebral column and tail defects)”

所有簽署上述公約的國家須按照公約內條款自行立法。大部分的合約國家皆遵守有關條款並制定有關法例。例如在奧地利的Federal Act on the Protection of Animals (Animals Protection Act – TschG)的第1章第5條中例明:

It is prohibited to inflict unjustified pain, suffering or injuring on an animal or expose it to heavy fear.

Para1 is violated in particular if a person
1. breeds animals which either directly themselves or their descendants will suffer from heavy pain, suffering, injury or heavy fear (inhumane breeding practices); or imports, purchases or passes on such animals with features resulting from inhumane breeding practices.”


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